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How Yoga and Nutrition played an important role in recovery and healing (PART 2 OF 3)

After all these years, I have kept up a mild practice of physical yoga, using it more as form of flexibility and endurance and less of an emotional practice. In 2005 I started with an on-line company selling meal replacement shakes and learning more about nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet. I was shopping one day and came across a book about plant-based diets, less meat, more earth plant products and I decided to take a leap into introducing a plant-based, vegan diet, clean eating, lots of exercise. Keeping a weekly Yoga practice on once to twice a week. I was losing weight, had tons of energy, for the first time in a long time, I left like I was on a good place with myself and met a really nice man! In 2007 I started getting really heavy periods again, lots of cramping, just like I did in my teenage years. In October of 2007 I went in for an emergency hysterectomy and had an unexpected stay due to some mild complications.
Love is our deepest longing. Just as the body needs food the soul need love – it is nourishment. Without the food, air and water, the body will deteriorate, without love and car the soul starts shrinking - Osho
I ended up being ok but started to experience serious back and hips aches, so much so that if I sneezed to hard, my back would go out. I started to slow down on my exercise and actually started to get lazy and probably looking back, a little depressed. My eating started to get just as lazy. My doctor recommended a chiropractor and $4000 later, fast forward 1 year, no change in my body. Please note…I am NOT against Chiropractors and any physical therapy; it just was not working for me. I would find immediate relief after a session but never lasting. Well guess what? I ran back into of it. that old friend of mine from the beginning and she once again recommended Yoga but at this time as a form of physical therapy for my back. So, I went back and for another year, I started a regular yoga practice, twice a week. Soft flowing movements, never focusing on my back or hips, the movements just sort of found their way through those areas. I opened back up on a plant-based diet this time focused on more of an Ayurvedic focusing on herbs, spices and plants to help with pain, inflammation and bloating. I started cooking experiments, and found complete joy in being in the kitchen, experimenting and journaling how certain foods made me feel better while others made me feeling gross. Now I got it, food came be our poison or our medicine…
Check out some upcoming blogs on my whole healing cooking experiences! In 2017 I started to experience some different type of bloating and pain and landed in the ER with Rectocele. I had a routine endoscopy and a colonoscopy which also revealed that I had GERD then within a month had Rectocele repair surgery. My sister ironically went in for the same surgery a week earlier. I landed back on me feet within 6 weeks and started back up teaching and practicing without complications. My sister on the hand did not do as well. Our doctor told me that it was mostly because of all my yoga, the shape, flexibly and strength in my hips and pelvis helped me to heal faster. Now I had to focus on healing my GERD. No brainier, this was going to be through nutrition, trial and error. Not all good foods are good for you as an individual! Some of my healthier options where causing inflaming and irritation. Yes, check out my upcoming Blog on those foods that were causing flames and burning down my body
One thing that I found that seriously helped my GERB inflammation is CBD oil. I will blog later on the benefits of CBD, what I use and how often and how to find the right CBD for you – no, it is not one size fits all. I will also share with you any upcoming CBD Yoga workshops that teach.



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