Vibe Yoga is created by E-RYT Christina Vitone to make Yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of their physical, mental or spiritual means.

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Welcome to Vibe Yoga Joint!

Let me first start by introducing myself to you. My name is Christina Vitone-Sanchez founder, creator and CEO of Vibe Yoga Joint in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL. I am a certified Yoga and CBD-affiliate Yoga Instructor, Office Executive Assistant, wife, mother and a proud rescue dog-mom.
I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul - Rumi
I have been practicing some form of Yoga on and off since 2004. In 2014, I started a daily yoga practice and by 2015 made the leap to get my 200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate. I started teaching right after the graduation of the program and within a year I was teaching 5 classes a week, choregraphing and teaching monthly specialized 2-Hour yoga workshops and at the end of 2015, I made the journey to attend my very first week-long yoga retreat in Bari, Italy (alone) and was opened up to another level of yoga. I knew at that point that sometime in the future that I would want to create, share and educate others in the same way that I have experienced plus so much more. Guess what, this is the year! This is the time. As the website and information is being developed, I have partnered with my current and Yoga Teacher for our very first Yoga Retreat in Mexico with my new business VIBE YOGA JOINT.
There is so much more to share, express and experience that I hope you find this website useful, experimental, fun and most of all full of love, passion, commitment and maybe even spark your interest to try a yoga class, attend a workshop or try a new recipe! Maybe someday I might even up my very own studio!

Auste Kuncas

Christina is the CEO and Founder of Vibe Yoga Joint. She is an experienced Yoga Instructor who is dedicated to bring you the best yoga experience through unique and caring retreats, classes, workshops and Yoga socials in fun and unexpected locations. Adding some spice of intelligent nutrition with videos, recipes and blogs.

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