Vibe Yoga is created by E-RYT Christina Vitone to make Yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of their physical, mental or spiritual means.

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About Vibe Yoga

Vibe Yoga is created by E-RYT Christina Vitone to make Yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of their physical, mental or spiritual means. Cultivating the practice of Yoga and creating customized classes, workshops and some really cool retreats that can be held in your home, unique locations and even oversees. Our inner energies, our VIBES within all of us regulate our bodies and emotions. Incorporating a healthy yoga practice that fits into your individual lifestyle is what we focus on. Making it fun and accessible is what VIBE is all about. Christina also teaches Groups Yoga classes at a local studio in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.



Yoga is for every – Body

Regardless of your age & physical condition, practicing yoga is possible for everyone
Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, life-changing.


Balancing Your Vibes

Transition to become the person off the mat that you are on the mat; Strong, flexible, balanced & relaxed.

Safe Space

Yoga is an exploration, a journey of self-love, encouragement & empowerment.

All are welecome and encouraged to explore our classes. All judgement is left at the door.


Workshops are a great was to break down certain concepts, postures or themes. A standard yoga class usually follows a typical structure whereas a workshop or Yoga Social has the luxury to get deep into specific topics and areas of the body. Workshops are great ways to meet new friends, gather old ones, create some fun and to enhance your practice on and off the mat. If you own a studio, this is also a great way to add additional revenue to your business.

Yoga Workshop vs Yoga Socials: Vibe Yoga Workshops are 1 ½ to 2 hours and are more educational, customized to break down certain poses such as Intro to Yoga, Restorative & Yin, Arm Balances, Backbends and Inversions. Vibe Yoga also is an Affiliate of Blue Ridge Hemp CBD products and offers CBD Restorative Workshops. Yoga Socials are 2-hour events, more geared to a relaxed yoga session bringing in elements of Wine, DJ Dance Music, Small Business Shopping.

Bike, Bend, and Brunch

There is no doubt that Fall is upon us and there is no better way then to be outside and catch all the beautiful colors and smells of the season. The historic town of Geneva has given us the perfect backdrop to soak it all in. Bring a friend or meet a new one as we spend an afternoon of cycling, yoga, and lunch. The perfect mini get-a-way without having to go very far. 

Herrington Inn & Spa

Nestled on the Fox River in Geneva, IL, enjoy a 75-minute nature flow in one of the beautiful courtyards at this charming boutique hotel. Stay for a Spa Service or rent bikes along the Fox River. Conveniently located near plenty of shopping and great restaurants and bars. Please Bring: Yoga Mat, Towel, Bottle water and don’t forget to bring your camera!


Christina is incredible. She was very patient with me as I was a novice. She was able to customize her teachings that suited me best. I went further than I imagined I could with her encouragement. I felt rejuvenated after time with her.


Yoga Student

Christina is an amazing instructor. She continually challenges you to take you to the next level. On many occasions I have asked for recommendations after class to assist me with a pose or an issue I am having. She knew exactly what I needed & was willing to assist. I am very thankful to have access to her at Simply Yoga Studio.

Jane H.

Yoga Student

Christina is a caring and compassionate person and brings that same philosophy to her yoga practice. I enjoy coming to her class where I'm reminded by Christina about of how important self-care is to my well-being. Her flows are always challenging and she brings a variety of poses and flows to her practice. She always takes time to be mindful that we are all at different levels in our practices and makes sure everyone is aware of how to modify when needed. She asks her classes if we want to do any specific poses before class, or if there are areas that we want to spend more time on and then incorporates that into class.


Yoga Student

I never wanted to miss Christina's class! She teaches mindful and challenging yet obtainable flows with a personal passion that speaks to each person in the room. She provides encouragement and often just the right message that you didn’t even know you needed to hear but once you do, you leave her class feeling energized, inspired and frankly, proud!

Kim K

Yoga Student

Christina is truly a hands-on instructor. The classes are well planned out and changed up. Her voice and tone give the feeling of a private class even thought the class is filled up. Her Restorative classes have taken me to a new level of relaxation and flexibility.


Yoga Student

What started 3 years ago for me as a “class” has become a journey. This is all due to how Christina, my yoga sculpt instructor, guides our practice from start to finish. Christina’s passion is contagious from the 1st step into studio to the farewell. One feels welcome, at ease, energized, and ready to be their best self for the hour of practice. Practice is never dull and although we may leave sweaty and spent, we know we gave it our all with our coach, mentor, friend, and biggest cheerleader Christina, guiding us every step of the way! May my journey with Christina continue for many years!


Yoga Student


Here are just some ways that Yoga can improve your lifestyle: 

Relaxes your system: Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. Betters your overall health: Yoga improves respiration, energy and vitality. It helps maintain a balanced metabolism, adds cardio and circulatory health, helps with better posture and create less stress on the body and in the mind. Yoga boost your metabolism, improve sleep and increase brain health. Improves your flexibility: Yoga Poses will help you lengthen and stretch your muscles in a safe, effective way. Builds muscle Strength: Most Yoga poses require your own body weight, so you create more muscle strength and endurance while improving bone density.

Relaxes your system 0
Betters your overall health 0
Improves your flexibility 0
Builds Muscle Strength 0

Blogging my Vibes

Check out my weekly Blogs on my own personal Yoga practice and Teachings, How-to Recipes and fun Yoga secrets of becoming a Yoga teacher and starting my own business.




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